Meet the Photographer

Rachel D Graham is a photographer and actor based in Denver. Before she formed RDGPhotography in 2011, she was exclusively a professional actor. After being in countless performances, she realized the cast seldom saw the photos taken of the show. This prompted her to grab her camera to take behind the scenes photos to gift to the cast and production team. While attending Otterbein College as an BFA Acting Major, Rachel's photos caught the attention of the college marketing department. She was hired to capture a performance, and this opportunity launched her onto a path of live theatre performance photography. Rachel enjoys the challenging, fast-paced requirements this type of photography demands. RDGPhotography has thrived as a woman-owned small business and has been featured in local, national, and international print and digital media. While she still acts and engages in other types of photography, capturing live theatre remains her passion and specialty. And, she makes sure the photos are available for the cast and team to enjoy.

Kitten Foster

Rachel is also a kitten foster! Specializing in special needs, hospice, and high risk kitties. She and her husband have fostered over 300 kitties since 2011.


Theatre for Young Audiences is where Rachel loves to spend her time, acting and directing at theatres across the state whenever she gets the chance.


Rachel teaches photography and acting to all ages of students. From the most beginner class to advanced classes in many different educational settings.

Film Photography

Along with digital photography, Rachel has recently started capturing photos on film, with cameras from 1920s-1960s and developing at home.